Performance that beats the competition at a price you can afford.

Every once in a while there comes along a product that is simple in concept and design and yet has a revolutionary impact on the Archery Community.

Easily fitted to any compound bow that has a 3/8" cable rod and just as easily removed leaving no permanent change to the bow.

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The New 2014 TurBowSpeed

The Speed shown on the SpeedTach was achieved with a 74 lb draw weight, a 29" draw and a 337 grain shaft. (X-Force 7)

New on the 2014 TurBowSpeed:

  1. Re-aligned shaft angle for reduced noise and vibration and improved cable life.
  2. Re-designed wheels for reduced friction, improved performance and stability.
  3. Re-designed lighter Body reduces unsprung weight for a much smoother action.
  4. Re-designed safety leg is more robust, safer and easier to install.

Bigger bang for the buck! Don't buy a new bow, get your existing bow up to speed.

The TurbowSpeed will Increase Speed, Accuracy and More.

  • Keep your same poundage and increase your speed.
  • Lower your poundage and shoot the same speed.
  • Shoot a heavier tip weight to increase f.o.c.
  • More kinetic energy and more penetration.
  • Increase the speed of your bow by 10-30 fps.
  • Fits standard 3/8" cable bar.
  • Quietens your bow.
  • Increases accuracy.
  • Firms the wall.
  • Easy Installation


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